Digital Tools for Journalists - Schedule

JOUR 202
Winter 2016





Class 1 (January 7): Introduction and the Guts of the Net

Introduction; Web site and syllabus; the Web and the Net; clients and servers; URLs; Web sites and how to get one.

Class 2 (January 14): Internet Tools and Trends

Shortcuts; trends; finding people for fun and profit; research tools; anatomy of an e-mail; e-mail interviews.
E-Mail Interview Assignment (due Class 6)

Class 3 (January 21): Still Images and the Web

Images and file types; resolutions; copyright and legal issues; royalty-free and public-domain art; ethical issues.

Class 4 (January 28): Social Media and Electronic Publishing

Web content and purpose; writing for the Web; blogs; multimedia; social media and its tools.
Social Media Assignment (due Class 9)

Class 5 (February 4): HTML I

HTML and elements; HTML editors and Dreamweaver; building blocks of a simple Web page; WYSIWYG vs. old-world handcraftsmanship.
Personal Web Page (due Class 7)

Class 6 (February 11): HTML II

HTML design elements and redundancy; anchors and links; the important target="_blank" attribute; styles.

Class 7 (February 18): CSS and Design

CSS; good and bad Web design; site templates; Web site and file management/architecture.

Class 8 (March 3): Research and Critical Thinking

Internet sources; hoaxes; traps; a little tiny bit of statistics.

Class 9 (March 10): Data Journalism and Infographics

Infographics in theory and practice; graphs; online data tools; mapping tools; spreadsheets.
Spreadsheet Analysis Assignment (due Class 12)

Class 10 (March 17): Web Services and Multimedia

Design considerations; the multimedia workflow; other software for Web pages; embedding; content management systems.
Data Visualization Assignment (due Class 13)

Class 11 (March 24): Online Collaboration and Security

Crowdsourcing; Google Docs and other tools; security and information privacy.

Class 12 (March 31): Mobile Journalism

The mobile toolkit; handy apps; design considerations for mobile consumers.

Class 13 (April 7): Your Life As a Digital Journalist

Freelancing; career-level tools; affiliations; markets; making money.