Digital Tools for Journalists - Schedule

JOUR 202 - Fall 2011





Class 1 (September 6/7): Introduction and the Guts of the Net

Introduction; Web site and syllabus; how to log in if you have to; fundamentals of Mac OS X; stupid OS X tricks; oh, the software you'll use; shortcuts; the Internet.

Class 2 (September 13/14): The Internet

The Internet continued; domain names; file paths and URLs; Internet research tools; finding people for fun and profit; mailing lists; Usenet; government resources, online publications, and wire services.
E-Mail Interview Assignment (due Class 7)

Class 3 (September 20/21) E-Mail

Internet sources; anatomy of an e-mail; reading e-mail headers; e-mail interviews.

Class 4 (September 27/28): Electronic Publishing

Web sites and how to get one; how to buy and set up a domain; content and purpose; writing for the Web; blogs; good and bad Web design.

Class 5 (October 4/5): HTML I

HTML and elements; HTML editors and Dreamweaver; building blocks of a simple Web page; WYSIWYG vs. old-world handcraftsmanship.
Personal Web Page (due Class 8)

Class 6 (October 11/12): HTML II

HTML design elements and redundancy; anchors and links; the important target="_blank" attribute; Web site and file management/architecture.

Class 7 (October 18/19): Design, Styles, and Columns

CSS; tables and frames vs. CSS; site templates; favicons.

Class 8 (October 25/26): Social Media

Twitter; Facebook; Skype; YouTube; other social media.
Twitter Assignment (due Class 10)

Class 9 (November 1/2): And More

Multimedia stories; more on blogs; embedding; forms; tracking visitors; ads and affilations; syndication, a.k.a. RSS; the big bucks.

Class 10 (November 8/9): Online Collaboration

Crowdsourcing; Google Docs.
Crowdsourcing/Collaboration Assignment (due Class 12)

Class 11 (November 15/16): Still Images and the Web

Images and file types; resolutions; copyright and legal issues; royalty-free and public-domain art; using art online.

Class 12 (November 22/23): Infographics and Soundslides

Infographics in theory and practice; ManyEyes; Google Maps; Soundslides.
Soundslides Assignment (due by 11:59 p.m. on December 1)

Class 13 (November 29/30): Epilogue

Slop time to work on Soundslides and anything we left out.